Information for publication

Authors should send an e-mail to the Organizing Committee ( with:

  • Completed registration form (Supplement № 1);
  • Report, prepared in accordance with the requirements (Supplement № 1), figures in separate files;
  • Copy of the payment receipt, after confirmation, the inclusion in the collection of conference materials (See «Participation fee»).

Preparation and presentation of papers

The participants of conference are entitled to have an oral presentation.

The papers should conform to the conference topics.

The papers should contain new original material.

All materials are peer reviewed.

The Programme Committee reserves the right to accept or decline papers and to decide on the method of its presentation. Declined papers will not be returned to the authors.

Manuscripts should be sent to the address of Organising Committee before 25 September 2017. Manuscripts sent after indicated deadline will not be published in the conference proceedings.

Paper submission requirements:

− Text of manuscript should contain 3 pages minimum, but not exceed 10 pages.

− The file name should contain author’s full name.

− Font is Times New Roman; size - 12.

− Spacing 1; Indention 1 cm.

− Top, bottom and right margin 2 cm, left margin is 2.5 cm

− Paper main title is centred and in capitals letters, font is Arial bold, size 12.

Leave one blank line after main title.

− Initials and author’s family name are on the next line in italic, font is Times New Roman, size 12, fully-justified.

Leave one blank line after it.

Organisation name

Leave one blank line after it

− City, country (mail address or email).

− Leave one blank line after it.

Then in English main title, authors etc. in the same order.

− Leave one blank line.

− Paragraph indention, the word Abstract in boldface type, full stop. After that your abstract in English (1-2 paragraphs).

− Leave one blank line.

− Main text of paper.

− Main line (paragraph) – 1,25cm, fully-justified.

− Captions should be placed below the image, centred, in italics, Times New Roman, size 10, table’s captions are placed above the tables, centred, in the same font. Captions to figures should not overlap the figure itself in a graphical format.

Please, send figures in separates files in format jpg (desirable) or tiff. Illustration can be in colour, please do not use it if it is unnecessary. In order to be sent electronically and for safety reasons figures with captions should be saved in one folder.

− Bibliography should be in alphabetic order. References in the main text are in square brackets [family, year].

For books, please specify author’s family names and initials, book’s title, city, publishing house, year of publication, volume, number of pages;

For articles and proceedings of conference, please specify author’s family name and initials, article title. Then put // and indicate the journal’s name or conference title, series, city, year, volume, number, issue, article’s first and the last page;

For conference’s, symposium’s or seminar’s proceedings: authors family names and initials, conference title, publication title, date and time of the conference, city, publishing house, year, first and the last page.

Requirements to figures sent as separate attachments. Pictures are sent to the Organizing Committee e-mail ( as separate files in jpg or tiff format together with the materials. File name – document type, name and initials of all authors and number (if several materials). For example, «Fig. 1_Ivanov I.I., Petrov P.P._1», Fig. 2_ Ivanov I.I., Petrov P.P._1» 

Participation fee

The cost of publishing is 400 rubles.

Payment is to be made only after receiving a letter to your e-mail address with information about the receipt of the article in the conference proceedings. After the payment is made, the author sends scan of receipts to the e-mail of the Organizing Committee (

Funds for payment must be transfered to the Zarubin Oleg Aleksandrovich.

Payment details:

  • Card number: 4276 3900 1317 8649;
  • Beneficiary account: 40817810939000367194;
  • Beneficiary's IDN: 7707083893;
  • BIC of the beneficiary's bank: 048952615;
  • Correspondent account: 30101810100000000615;
  • The code of the Bank's subdivision (for internal transfers through the Sberbank system): 428589059;
  • The address of the Bank's unit: Saransk, Sovetskaya street, 31.

Accommodation and meals are paid by the participants of the conference. Possible accommodation options, the cost of accommodation will be specified in the next information letters.

Information Letter #2