Conference topics

  • Section 1. Ecology and nature management: regional aspects of development;
  • Section 2. Territorial organization of socio-economic and tourist-recreational development of the region.
  • Section 3. Geoinformation support of ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainable development of territories; usage of Earth remote sensing materials in mapping and assessment of the state of natural and cultural heritage;
  • Section 4. Natural and man-made hazards: the connection of science and practice;
  • Section 5. Organization and scientific research of specially protected natural areas; the role of systems of specially protected natural territories in the conservation of biological diversity and in ensuring of the recreational needs of the population;
  • Section 6. The role of the Russian Geographical Society in the study of nature, population and economy of Russia and foreign countries. Development of geographical and ecological education. The leading geographical schools in a complex research of global and regional problems of interaction of the nature, the population and economy.

Information Letter #2